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Luzerne County tax sale tally released

Luzerne County Courthouse

Luzerne County tax sale tally released

All five listed properties sold in last week’s special delinquent tax auction, according to Elite Revenue Solutions, the county’s tax-claim operator.

Elite held the first-stage “upset” auction to promptly address properties carrying defaulted repayment plans.

Approximately 103 parcels were original listed, but all but five were removed because the owners paid their delinquencies or obtained reprieve from the court.

Elite strictly follows state law governing repayment plans. Property owners must pay 25% down and the remainder in set installments, and the law deems repayment plans in default if two installments are not paid. Owners who default on a repayment plan cannot obtain a new one for three years through the tax claim bureau by law, although some are able to seek new repayment agreements through the court.

Last week’s auction generated $196,732, according to Elite.

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