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Hail Mary: Property Tax Foreclosure Halted

Brad Westover, Becky Sherrill, Will Robert

Hail Mary: Property Tax Foreclosure Halted

DELAND, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 2, 2024 [] -- From the brink of homeless to saving her home, Ms. Becky Sherrill of DeLand, Florida was able to halt tax foreclosure because of the generosity of the NTLA Foundation. The NTLA Foundation swooped in and paid off Ms. Sherrill’s outstanding property tax obligations thereby removing the pressure and anxiety of losing her family home.

Ms. Sherrill found herself facing the daunting prospect of foreclosure due to unpaid taxes on a home she inherited from her late father. Her fixed income and her declining health made it virtually impossible to catch up. “I just don’t have the money every month to put back to the taxes much less anything else, so thank you” said Becky. It was a situation that underscored the significance of organizations like the NTLA Foundation, built on the ethos of safeguarding homeownership in times of crisis.

“The goal of the NTLA Foundation is simple, no elderly or disable homeowner should ever lose their homes from not being able to pay their property tax obligations” said Brad Westover, Executive Director of the Foundation. “Very seldom in America do homeowners face tax foreclosure, we are fortunate to be in a position to save a family from being homeless and give them hope for a better tomorrow.” The Foundation collaborated closely with Volusia County Tax Collector Will Roberts, as they embarked on a mission to secure Ms. Sherrill's home and provide her with much-needed stability.

Ms. Sherrill's story serves as a testament to the vital role played by organizations like the NTLA Foundation in preserving the American dream of homeownership. If you know of someone in danger of losing their home because of delinquent property tax obligations, please visit Thank you in advance to anyone who would like to donate.

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